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   1. Product Design

   2. Electronics Engineering

   3. Software Development

   4. Prototyping

   5. Engineering Support

Product Design

From concept to production, we provide a full turnkey product design and development service. Our advanced 3D modelling system, coupled with the virtual simulator, will turn your idea into a competitive product in less time than others. If you have the idea, we have the know-how.


Producing a functional product is a very myopic approach to product development. This shallow methodology will only take designs so far. To extend beyond that one-dimensional threshold, products must vehemently embrace the art just as much as the engineering. Our distinguishing trait here at Indesyne is that we start with the art, and then slowly infuse in the engineering. The result is a product that not only functions, but also looks incredible.

This unique characteristic of an Indesyne design is what separates your product from others.


Historically, product development consisted mainly of trial and error with a dash of experience. This led to numerous prototyping sessions resulting in delays to market, and the exponentiation of R&D costs.

At Indesyne, we employ cutting edge parametric modelling techniques that can be simulated [virtually] with our powerful computers. Data derived from this method allows our engineers to evaluate component integrity, thermal and fluidic performances, and validity of assemblies without having to solely rely on prototypes. As a result, this reduces R&D time and resources which ultimately serves a singular purpose: To get your product on to the market sooner.

Electronics Engineering

Our electronics team work closely with our mechanical team to build a unified product development environment. There are no miscommunications, incompatibility issues with fit and finish, airflow and thermal performance deficiencies, etc. We simply make it work.

To list a few systems we’ve been involved with in the recent years include:

1. Bluetooth and WIFI

2. Personal Health and Fitness Systems

3. Sports Performance Monitors

4. Medical Devices

5. Mechatronics and Automation

6. Environmental Sensors

7. Radar

8. Indoor Positioning Telemetry

Software Development

As the world becomes more digital, software is in the background driving the landscape. Our software team specializes in all type of platforms including:

1. Mobile for iOS, Android, and Windows,

2. Desktop client/server applications,

3. Cryptography,

4. Mechatronic controllers,

5. Wireless communication and sensory system,

6. And device drivers and firmware.


Consistent with everything that we do, aesthetics is fundamental in our designs. This certainly holds true when software needs to interface with end-users. Software of this class—commonly known as the UI/UX (User Interface/User Experience) software—are tasked with the role to represent your company. It must look good, feel good, and flow intuitively.

Well-intentioned applications can quickly turn negative with a poorly designed UX. Software with inadequate graphics may convey a substandard image of your company to the world. Developing software with proper UI/UX is integral to captivating your audience and perpetuating the longevity of your application.


The depth and dimension of our software team is what distinguishes us from the rest. Building efficient and powerful codes that are decorated with impactful graphics is one aspect of our abilities. Another is coupling that software with mainstream electronics to create systems that do amazing things such as:

1. Medical and fitness devices,

2. Environmental sensors,

3. Business database and analytics,

4. Mobile locations system,

5. Home automation and security,

6. And consumer electronics and appliance controllers.

At Indesyne, we are not bound to the sandbox model of development. Instead, we strive to find ways that will make the software work for you--in your domain.


We do not believe that designs should stop at the concept level. Everything we produce are made to be prototyped, and eventually mass produced. This is our pursuit for all projects. R&D should not bear a net cost but rather be a future source of revenue.

As a result, our prototyping process differentiates itself from others by generating components that are near-production quality finish. From material integrity to machining tool path, the finest detail is evaluated so to not waste valuable prototypes with non-functioning features.

The materials we commonly use are aluminum, steel, ABS plastic, and wood. Production equipment in our arsenal are high-precision CNC mills, brakes, and lasers.

It is rare for us to employ 3D printing technology for prototypes. The reason is mainly due to the lack of precision and quality these printers yield. However, there are occasions when rapid prototyping is necessary. During these instances, the technology we use are Stereolithography (SLA), and Selective Laser Sintering (SLS).


Whatever we design, we can prototype.

Our prototyping service extends to electronics and firmware as well. We manufacture fully assembled, labelled, soldered, and programmed electronic boards for your testing needs. Additionally, designs needing an enclosure will ship fully covered and operational as it were a retail product.

Engineering Support

A product lifecycle does not end at launch, and neither should its support. When teaming up with us, your company receives full support from technical support, to upgrades and accessories development. Using Indesyne is truly the easiest and quickest way to incorporate high-calibre engineering to your company and projects.

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