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LED Driver Kit for Gas and Patio Appliances

+ Small and Simple Profile
+ Low Cost / Low MOQ
+ Works with Proflame 2
+ Suitable for Dry or Damp Locations
+ UL Recognized

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From Idea to Production

Having an idea is only the beginning. Creating a functional product that is competitive in the market requires solid experience and understanding of industrial manufacturing. Successful products are ones that effectively combine style, function, cost, and limitations of the manufacturing process into one harmonious design.

From concept to production, we are with you all the way. Let us help turn your ideas to reality.

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A robust team, at your fingertips, gives you all the engineering caliber needed without the responsibility and cost of engineering management. With Engineers in a Box, you provide a goal and we will take care of everything else.

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Port Legacy Software to Windows® 10

Whether it is to streamline your business, take advantage of new technology, or simply because antiquated operating systems are no longer supported; we are here to help your company transition into the future.

Contact us today for a free consultation. Let's put new life into your critical legacy software that's running your business by taking advantage of the full power of Windows® 10.

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Shorten R&D with FEA and CFD

Virtual product testing is a powerful design tool that significantly reduces the length of time in research and development. Before a component is even made we can subject it to highly accurate stress, strain, fatigue, and thermal scenarios from within a virtual world. Data gathered from this process is then used to optimize components in order to achieve the highest integrity possible while maintaining efficiency in manufacturing.

An immeasurable amount of resource and cost have been saved with computational virtual testing. Let us bring this technology to you.

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Library of Designs

Interested in building stuff?

Want to spend quality time with your children on projects that will generate memories to last a lifetime?

Are you an educator looking for ideas?

Check out our library. There you will find fun and interesting projects that can be enjoyed individually or with others. The library is updated regularly with new projects so make sure to check it often.

Oh, and did we mention it's free? Yes, it's free.

Have fun making!

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